Artisan's doggy art lovers

This is a gallery of the dogs large and small who have visited the gallery over the past six years. Some of their owners are artists who have exhibited and others belong to people who have given their patronage and support to the gallery.  All the dogs are delightful and have been welcome visitors.  I will miss my doggy art lovers but hope I will continue to see them around. 


Artie is a Lurcher cross. He's 8 months old, very sweet and a little accident prone. When he first visited he would attack the mat at the front door but thankfully he has calmed down now and the mat remains intact.

Artie belongs to artist Becca Elliott whose current work includes lino prints and ceramics featuring English Bull Terriers. She has yet to immortalise young Artie.





Betsy is a Brussells Griffon, and four years old. Not the prettiest of dogs but she is very endearing and always on the go when she visits. Betsy is a new-comer to the gallery and comes with her dog-walker. Apologies for the fuzziness of the image but she is constantly on the move.





Brandy cracks me up! She is the maddest Yorkshire Terrier I have ever encountered. She is always sporting a bow but this day she was rocking the full tinkerbell look! I thought for an eight year old she was wearing it well!


Charllie is a 5 year Shitsu and Cairn Terrier cross.  She's not a regular visitor but heard that I was taking photos of the doggy visitors and wanted to be part of the gang.  She is friends with Poppy, Holly, Lizzie, Phoebe and Ozzie.




Eden is a recent visitor to the gallery. She is a Lurcher and around eight years old. She was rescued by Adam and Bruce and is now obviously a very lucky dog. Lurchers have such sweet faces.






I love Elvis but he is the only dog who can't come into the gallery! He is enormous! He is a 4 year old labradoodle who acts like a puppy! He was supposed to be a miniature but when we saw his paws we all knew he wasn't going to be small!




Greti makes small talk at a private view. She is a 6 year old German born Jack Russell who now resides in North West London and is a regular private view guest.



I have known Misha since she was a puppy. She is now eight years and is still a delightful dog. She is always very well behaved when she visits, especially when she knows there's a treat to be had!







Nancy is Betsy's younger half-sister. She is 2 months old and also a Brussell Griffon. Nancy has the aawww-factor in spades. Again like her sister not the prettiest but what a sweet face nevertheless.


I have known Ozzie since he was a puppy and he has been a regular visitor over the past five years. He is a Border Terrier and Jack Russell cross with a very sweet nature. He is always busy checking everything out but sometimes he likes to take the pew!





Here comes the girls


They are:


Holly is just delightful and amazingly active for her 12 years. She is a Chihuahua, Jack Russell cross. She maybe the matriarch of the trio but stills gives the youngster a run for their money.



Poppy is a 1 year old Jack Russell who isn't much of an art lover but she is always enthusiastic for a bit of attention. 



Lizzie is Romanian rescue dog so little is known about her origins or her age but she is very gentle and has responded well to being in her new home. She lives with Holly and Poppy.



Phoebe is a Border Terrier and a mature 8 years. She bought her bed to the gallery as she was helping sculptor Pasquale Cesare invigilate an exhibition. I know she was lying down on the job but I forgave her anyway.




Winnie is a Battersea rescue dog and is just adorable. She is a Border Collie and her age is unknown but she's no spring chicken. Winnie always comes in to talk to me and she loves a back and neck rub especially after being in the park! But when she sees me in the street she blanks me!!  Winnie belongs to photographer Malcolm Bird.